AtkinsRéalis has an impressive range of public and private sector projects in ireland which showcases our diverse and truly multidiscipline engineering capability.

Our aim is to help create an Ireland that is diverse, sustainable, full of thriving communities and working better for all.


AtkinsRéalis Ireland works with our clients to radically transform the lived environment and create a world that works better for all

AtkinsRéalis is a leading infrastructure, design and project management consultancy in Ireland. We bring people, expertise and tomorrow’s technologies to tackle today’s challenges and help our clients achieve maximum efficiency with the best possible outcomes on every project.

Using state-of-the-art building information modelling (BIM), data analytics and emerging technologies. AtkinsRéalis makes the engineering process intelligent, automated and as efficient as possible at every stage. We work with our clients to ensure that new techniques and practices are introduced in a way that’s sympathetic to the organisation’s culture and working practices, for maximum positive impact with minimum disruption.

We enable smarter decisions, increased transparency and greater predictability on infrastructure programmes by improving the way data is collected, analysed and shared across the industry.

  • Design transformation allows us to unlock value through data-driven design solutions and increase predictability and certainty of on-site delivery for clients.
  • Digitally enabledprogrammemanagement radically improves performance and predictability of major projects and programmes.
  • Our digital twin services connect the virtual and physical and supports clients to optimize the design of their assets, build them efficiently and minimize costs during operation.
  • Our data ecosystem lets us leverage data and provide insight and efficiencies across the whole lifecycle of an asset to improve client outcomes.

AtkinsRéalis is investing in the future of engineering, bringing tomorrow’s skills, ideas and technologies to bear on the problems of today.

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