Bringing together people, data and technology to build a better lived environment in ireland and around the world.

AtkinsRéalis Ireland works with our clients to radically transform the lived environment and create a world that works better for all.

Drawing on the skills of the industry’s leading engineers, designers, project managers and other specialists, AtkinsRéalis helps clients achieve their goals. We work with world-leading infrastructure providers. We help our clients to more effectively address long-term challenges and deliver solutions for tomorrow’s Ireland.

Transforming the industry through data

Starting with a collaborative discovery process, we work with our clients to draw together all the relevant data sources for any project. Working with all relevant stakeholders, we use this data to drive the design, delivery and operation of an asset. And as we work, we gather new data and use it to optimise on the go, so that systems and processes are continually fine-tuned for maximum efficiency.

Transforming the industry through people

AtkinsRéalis people are the best in their field. Working in a culture which enables and rewards innovation, they look at the whole project ecosystem. Instinctive and methodical collaborators, they are system thinkers who work with clients and partners to build tomorrow’s infrastructure, today.

Engineering net zero

Working in partnership with the planet, AtkinsRéalis helps its clients to create a blueprint for a carbon-neutral future. Then, our experts in Engineering Net Zero work with the client to make that future a reality, now. We lead by example, and leverage our broad industry experience, connections and collective skills base to deliver results that are simultaneously good for the environment and for the bottom line.

Tackling the housing crisis

With world class purpose-led solutions, AtkinsRéalis with our clients are developing new and innovative ways to tackle the crisis of providing affordable housing. We draw on the latest data-driven technologies, building methods and sustainable engineering practices to create affordable homes and better communities.